Our Price






Because we believe that the right choice of music, and the best possible sound for the evening entertainment part of your wedding day is extremely important, we work hard to ensure that everything we provide is perfect on your big day.

While some companies offer silver, gold and platinum packages, using what we call the "airline approach" to lure you into thinking you've got a low price, we've never believed in structuring our prices in this way. 

What happens with this method is you soon realise you have to buy the "add ons" to come close to what you wanted in the first place.

We don't work like that as we don't believe in misleading our clients or making them feel intimidated into buying the most expensive package because their friends will think badly of them if they don't or can't afford to.

Rather than this, we offer as much equipment and lighting as we feel the venue requires. We don't go in for over-kill, which can look less than appealing when seen, than you might at first think.

No point in having every conceivable effect going if the sound quality isn't good, is there?

We've been to events where the DJ blasts you with too much sound equipment badly placed, or blinds you with too many variations on lighting - fine for a fairground perhaps, but not for your big day. 

Most of all, we'll never try to sell you something we feel your venue doesn't need. We've been in the business too long to know that wouldn't make your day memorable for the right reason, and it certainly doesn't do our reputation any favours.

In addition, we have also advised owners of lounge bars on the best systems to go for and how to get the best out of their existing sound system. As a result we've got experience of all sizes of venues.

Therefore, if you're planning a small, intimate wedding we tailor the amount of equipment needed to suit a smaller, select celebration. 
If you had a larger gathering in mind we cater for this, using more or different sound equipment from our extensive stock.
We carry more than enough sound and lighting equipment to cater for a hall accommodating greater numbers of guests. Also, recently, we purchased new equipment that will accommodate larger venues. We're always adding to our stock!

When we get more details from you about what you want, your venue, where it is situated and how long you require us to be in attendance, we can give you a definite price but, as a rough guide, our price usually varies between £395 and £695.

Also, we include such services as an informal introduction meeting, travel time/fuel costs to and from venue, set-up/take-down time and appropriate attire i.e. dinner suit.  

In addition we supply request forms which we distribute among your guests as we find this to be very popular and it helps to fill the dancefloor if people feel you are taking their musical tastes into account.

So, why don't you complete our simple contact form now and take the first step to getting an excellent disco provider for your wedding - at a fair price.