Equipment and Safety



First and foremost – your safety is paramount.

We will never compromise this by using any piece of equipment that has not been tested and approved to P.A.T. standards. This must be done annually by a qualified engineer. We use a local company, Pulse Electrical, and have done since we started Bracklin Disco Services. We carry these certificates with us to every venue we cover. They are available for inspection at any time. 

A small “pass” sticker is attached to every item tested and is instantly recogniseable.

Many reputable establishments also require to see proof of liability insurance (PLI) as well as these certificates. We can provide all of these – some disco providers cannot! This is a serious safety issue that many choose to ignore. We will never do this.

We are also members of AmpDJ,  a national organisation for mobile disco providers.

If you would like to know a bit more about these equipment and safety precautions we take great care over, please follow this link to our main website, Bracklin Disco Services, and read on but, please be aware – whoever you choose to provide your music, the last thing you want is for your DJ to be turned away on the night  because he doesn’t carry the required safety documentation.  You should confirm with them that they do have all the required documentation as some venues, particularly larger chain hotels, will want to inspect them.

As you can see, we carry an extensive range of equipment to all our venues. 

As well as what you can see, our DJ booth has up-to-the-minute computer and sound equipment as standard. We even carry at least two laptops every time. 

You can imagine the amount of electrical wiring all this requires. We try to take great care to contain areas where cabling has to travel to the DJ’s designated site. However, it is sometimes necessary (due to the layout of the area involved) that cabling must pass close to public areas. We clearly mark where cabling travels and ask all guests that they ensure that children are prevented from entering these areas.

If you are in any doubt about such an issue at your venue please ask either us or the venue’s own management staff.