Scottish Wedding Show

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Now that we’ve got the Festive Season out of the way (and what a great one it was for us – December Party Nights and a Hogmany gig at the Old Course in St Andrews), and we’re into not-so-bleak January it’s time to get into the swing of things on a new year and all […]

Little by Little

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Bracklin Wedding Discos is part of Bracklin Disco Services and, as such, we provide music for all sorts of celebrations from birthdays to christenings to anniversaries and, of course, weddings. So this makes for a very variable schedule for us. One weekend we could be covering a 21st birthday party, a wedding and a christening. […]

It’s In the Interpretation

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Venues and Their Drawbacks Andy has played in just about every conceivable venue possible and every place carries its own drawbacks as well as benefits. There isn’t really a perfect venue for a DJ – even some of the best hotels in the area have their own peculiarities which can cause problems.

Babies and Bathwater

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Tayside Loses a Fairy-tale Wedding Venue   We were very sorry to read in the local press that one of the area’s popular wedding venues has decided to shut its ancestral doors to weddings from sometime later this year. Anyone who has been following the story will be familiar with the reasons for this drastic, and […]

Live Music

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Our Spare Time Music Interests It might seem a bit strange, promoting live music here on a disco music provider’s website but, here’s the thing, you can take the man out of live music, but you can’t take live music out of the man! When we’re not working, we like to go to local venues […]

World Music

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Lengths We Go To to Bring World Music to Our Discos! Isn’t it great how we think we can know all the most popular music….until someone tells us different? Used to be, if it wasn’t in English (UK or American) it wasn’t deemed worth listening to. How insular can you be, right?

Winter Weddings

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Weddings and Holidays We love our holidays as much as the next person so, when we were asked to cover a wedding in late November at fairly short notice, we were happy to be able to oblige as it didn’t clash with our family holiday. Many DJs take holidays at quiet times, preparing for the […]

Your Venue Matters

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Wedding Fayres and Why You Should Keep Your Options Open There are so many possible venues our there for your wedding – just take a look at the local papers if you’re in any doubt. Many local hotels run Wedding Fayres at the start of the year, hoping to catch your attention on a miserable Sunday in […]